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Richard Wheatland


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Richard has been drawing and painting almost since he was able to hold a pencil. His family background is full of artistic and engineering talent, and it was with the help of his artistically gifted Aunt that Richard first became engrossed

with the world of painting.


Richard remains largely self-taught; he was regarded as gifted art student at school but was encouraged by his parents to train for a ‘proper job’ and subsequently followed a career in engineering. The artistic ambitions remained

but purely on a spare time basis. From the age of around ten, Richard started taking an interest in motor racing and aviation and following visits to air shows and motor racing events and it was inevitable that this interest would be

transferred into his early drawing and painting efforts. Much later it was undoubtedly the combination of Richard’s engineering and artistic talents that were to prove pivotal in his artistic career. Today his paintings have become

much admired for their high level of accuracy and meticulously researched technical and historical details.


Richard often returns to his original love of landscape and architecture for his inspiration often marking a visit to a memorable location by committing a scene to canvas. This diversity is also reflected in the media used in his work Watercolour, Gouache, Acrylic, Oils, Conte-Pastel, Pencil, Ink and wash. Richard is happy to work in all of these and often a combination of several is employed to achieve the desired effect.


Richard is married to Jane and together they have three daughters and five grandchildren, they have lived in Worth, West Sussex since 1983. 

Old vehicles have been part of Richards life for a long time, having owned a 1935 Singer Le Mans for 35 years, he now owns a 1965 Triumph TR4.

Richard is an active member of the following :- 

  • The Vintage Sports Car Club

  • The Historic Sports Car Club 

  • The Friends of Brooklands Museum

  • TR Register 

  • Singer Owners Car Club

  • The Guild of Aviation Artists ‘Full Member’ 

  • The American Society of Aviation Artists ‘Foreign Affiliate Member’

  • The Guild of Motoring Artists ‘of which he is a founder member’.

In 2018 after forty-eight years in precision engineering, Richard has at last been able to retire to his studio in Worth, West Sussex to paint during daylight hours.

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