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Commissioning a painting

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A large percentage of my paintings are commissioned by clients. In the main I either work in watercolour and gouache or oil on canvas, however I’m happy to work with other media such as pencil, pastel or ink.


Prices vary greatly of course, and depend largely on the time that will be involved in producing the work. 


Watercolour and Gouache Paintings

As a guide I would say start at £350.00 for a small simple

A4 sized painting of a subject without a background.

For the same thing in A3 £400.00 to £450.00. 


The largest size that I usually go with watercolour and

gouache is A2 and at that size I would price from £450.00

to £750.00 depending on the work involved.

Oil Paintings

Working in oils takes longer than watercolour and

gouache. The materials are more expensive, and

by choice I prefer to paint on good quality fine linen

canvases. As a rough guide the watercolour and

gouache guide prices would be 50% more if the

painting is done in oils. 


Whichever media is chosen my price includes all research

and preliminary work, a working drawing is submitted to the

client for approval prior to starting the final painting.

A mutually agreed price will be quoted prior to starting work

on the painting, final payment is made once the client is

satisfied with the painting, any shipping would be charged

at cost.



As a general rule the painting image copyright remains

with Richard Wheatland the artist, who would be free to

use the image as he wishes. If the image copyright is to

be transferred to the client, that arrangement should be

agreed by both artist and client in advance. An additional

cost would be charged for any transfer of image copyright. 



I can arrange framing if required, my framer ‘Robin Worth

Picture Frames’ of Leigh near Dorking. Robin is a good

friend and has framed my work for many years, he comes

highly recommended. 

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