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Greetings Cards, Prints and Images

During his painting career much of Richard’s work has been directed towards the greetings card business. He has produced the Christmas card painting for the motor industry charity BEN for the last twenty-nine years, as well as other projects such as limited edition prints, brochures and promotional material. 

His paintings have featured on jigsaw puzzles and as well as four book jackets. Although he prefers to concentrate on producing and displaying original work.


 Richard does now have a comprehensive range of 45 quality prints available through the Essex based publisher ‘Hansen Fine Art’.

For details and to order the prints go to the Hansen Fine Art website:-

Perfect Partners.jpg
Royal Appointment.jpg
Perfect Partners.jpg
Le Mans 1985.jpg
Birdcage Maserati.jpg

Greetings Cards

The publisher Rothbury Publishing from Sherborne in Dorset produce an ever-expanding range of greetings cards featuring Richard’s Automotive and Aviation paintings.


For details and to order greetings cards go to the Rothbury Publishing website:-

Moth and Jungmann.jpg
Closing in.jpg
Victorious Vixens.jpg
Skipper hits 250.jpg

Christmas Cards and Calendars for The Motor and Allied Trades Benevolent Fund-BEN

Richards twenty-ninth BEN Christmas Card is now on sale, titled ‘A Christmas Service’ features a late 1920’s 3 litre Bentley. For the third year there is also a calendar featuring Richard’s paintings available from BEN.

To order the 2018 Ben Christmas cards and calendars please go to the following website:-

2018 BEN card.jpg


Richard has a comprehensive range of high resolution images of his automotive and aviation paintings available for licence, subject to other arrangements with existing users.

Contact Richard for details:-

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